Ways to Increase your MPG

On nearly every car advertisement on television, the auto company must get all of their important information conveyed to the viewer in just about 30 seconds. That means that besides all of the flashy clips of the car driving through rivers and streams and racing through the desert, they must also show the price, features, and – what everyone wants to know these days – the miles per gallon, or MPG.

With new technologies coming out to increase MPG, more auto manufacturers are releasing more fuel-efficient vehicles onto their product lines. That’s good news for consumers, but bad news for those of us who can’t afford to buy or lease a brand new car every year or so.

If you are one of the lucky ones that can afford to buy a new(er) car, these are some of the newest cars that have come out with great ratings for fuel-efficiency:

Toyota Prius IV
Honda Insight EX
Volkswagon Golf
Volkswagon Jetta
Chevrolet Volt
Honda CR-Z
Ford Fusion Hybrid

But for the rest of us who want to keep our current car, here are some tips to increasing your car’s MPG:

Drive at a Constant and Moderate Pace – Use cruise control if you have it to help eliminate unsteady speeds. Edmunds.com found that the best way to improve fuel efficiency was to accelerate slowly and to brake over a longer distance. Aside from purchasing a new vehicle, this is the single most effective step you can take to reduce your costs.

No More Lead Foot – According to FuelEconomy.gov,  “As a rule of thumb, you can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas. Yikes!

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained – this means checking that the tires are properly inflated, checking the oil regularly, replacing dirty air filters, and getting the engine checked to ensure optimal performance.

Find the Best Gas Price – Download an app like GasBuddy to check all of the nearby gas stations for prices of gasoline. Saving just a few cents per gallon can really add up! You might also want to try buying gas from a wholesale club that offer pretty significant discounts on gasoline, like Sam’s Club or BJ’s.


Lighten Your Load - Don’t fill up your trunk with unnecessary equipment if you’re not going to be using it in the near future. BankRate estimates that “For every extra 250 pounds your engine hauls, the car loses about one mile per gallon in fuel economy.”

Reduce Drag – It’s super convenient to have ski racks on your car when you and the gang goes snowboarding, but it may not be ideal to keep them on your car all year round. Anything that causes wind resistance – like racks for skis, bikes, or luggage – can reduce your the miles you can get from a gallon of gasoline.

Be Sure Your Gas Cap is on Tight – Advanced Auto Parts reported that “Improperly seated gas caps allow 147 million gallons of fuel to vaporize every year in the U.S.”

Drive Less – Instead of hopping in the car to go to the nail salon 5 minutes down the road or across the street to the Red Box for a movie, take a nice walk. You’ll save some gas and get some exercise.. it’s a win-win!



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